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Have a cup of coffee while you read this BLOG!
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They grow an awful lot of coffee in Brasil as "The Coffee Song" by Frank Sinatra suggested!

Coffee growing along the Highway

Between Águas da Prata and São Roque, along side the Highway toward Poços de Caldas, you can see thousands of coffee trees from various plantations.

These trees are just outside the Águas da Prata town limit.

They grow for miles along the highway.

There are many moumtains and many coffee trees.

There is the Santa Rita Coffee Drying Patio down in the valley.

We could hear the workmen near the second building from the left shovelling the coffee, but they are hard to see.

The coffee trees grow right up to the train tracks. Then there is a service road higher up.

These are young trees just planted last year.

They cover the hillside.

Here they are closeup.

They are across the highway from the Santa Rita do Quartel plantation. See the church that is on the coffee label.

These are more trees across the highway, belonging to the Santa Rita do Quartel plantation.

There is a coffee shop, here, along the highway, that sells Santa Rita do Quartel coffee.

They also sell Santa Rita do Quartel coffe beans and wines.

This is the ground coffee sold in Supermarkets around Águas da Prata. See the little church on the label. This happens to be my personal favourite Brasilian Coffee.

Photos by Urso Branco

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