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Have a cup of coffee while you read this BLOG!
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They grow an awful lot of coffee in Brasil as "The Coffee Song" by Frank Sinatra suggested!

Coffee Makers and their filters!

I have received many requests from folks in Brasil, "Where can I buy a new filter for my coffee maker?"

Now here is your answer! Read on about our adventures with Coffee Makers in Brasil!

This Coffee Maker by Arno is our standby. It was old and looking sad. It was time to retire it.

Notice how it works. You open the top and swing out the part holding the coffee filter. It is easily lifted off the machine for cleaning.

See! Here is the permanent filter. Easy to take out for cleaning. No tiny handles. Take out the entire unit and turn it upside down to empty the used coffee ! Then rinse with water.

But the machine itself is worn out. See the permanent stains and the cracked plastic around the warming pad. But it still works so we do not throw it away. That was a great life saver for us.

We bought this new Electrolux machine. It turned out to be a disaster! By the way. I hate black kitchen appliances but that is all we can find here.

You lift the top up and there are two cups. One holds the filter and the second is the filter itself. What genius designed that? Notice the lifter is almost invisible it is so tiny. When you get to be my age that is a great handicap.

Also notice the filter is irregularly shaped so replacements are hard to find.

To put the water in you lift the back cover. There is another filter here. It keeps debris out of the water tank. If you have debris in your water system you need a new water system!

When you open the top to add water it lifts the tank up.
This turns out to be a fatal flaw.

The tank sits in a hole in the base and notice the water sealer on the tank.

When you put the tank back it is supposed to seal itself. IT DID NOT! We had three bad leaks, Water all over the table. We destroyed three table cloths and the surface of the table itself. This machine is a terrible design. Who in their right mind puts the water seal on the bottom?

We put the old Arno back in service. Imagine how I would have suffered without my coffee!

So we set the Electrolux machine aside and bought a new more expensive machine. It was not until we got it home that we realized we had bought another Electrolux.

I was prepared for another disaster, but I bravely went ahead and put this in service. BUT, the old Arno still works if we need it!

Inside this machine there is just one basket. Where is the filter? They forgot to include a filter. It turns out we are to go back 40 years and use paper filters. I was not impressed.

I reluctantly went to the supermarket to buy paper filters. Lo and behold, look what I found. PERMANENT FILTERS for most coffee makers. Well, permanent as long as they last.

This one we have used for a couple weeks. We lift it out by its tab and wash it.

When you dump out the coffee grounds it will be upside down. I rinse it that way to let the water get out most of the grounds.

Then I turn it over to clean the inside.

Now it goes back into the machine.

It fits quite well but not perfectly. The lid does not close completely.

But notice the one piece lid opens up the coffee section and the water section. Nothing else moves so there is no water seal needed on the bottom. That is a terrific improvement.

You can pour the water in any way you wish. I use a mug so I know how many mugs of coffee I will make.

You can see the water gauge on the right side. Just fill to your normal amount.

See - the lid is one piece. This is a great improvement!

Now add the coffee.

Be sure to close the lid as tight as you can otherwise the coffee does not drip. After a few uses you become accustomed to that.

Now you are ready to enjoy your coffee!

Photos by Urso Branco

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